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According to research, 20% of us are “highly-sensitive.” This seems high, but the majority of us (especially the men), won’t always want to advertise it. Actually, those people who are more sensitive than others can be a huge asset to any organization – they are astute influencers and are always the first to react to changes.

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However, in order to get the best out of them, there are a number of things that the caring manager should bear in mind:

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So last week I offered a free review on Engineering CV’s………..

Yes, there was a common thread as to the structure and type of things missed off of the CV. Remember that the CV is your first opportunity to impress, so don’t let it slip by in a blur of words and pictures. So, here goes the top 5 common mistakes:

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picture quote about quit your job

NO well not yet anyway.

Obviously in my role within recruitment this is a common question that many of my friends and associates ask me.

I always answer with the same response.

Take some time to think about how you feel and write a list.

Look at the black and white elements of your thoughts but more importantly list the ‘grey’ elements that are maybe not so obvious, the things that make the days and hours pass happily or the reasons for the gloom you may feel.

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Picture this…You’ve worked hard to find some great candidates for the important role you have in your organisation, they all match the specification and person fit and they have all attended first interview. The hiring manager likes them all but decides to invite three back in an effort to get to a hiring decision.

Two pull out (including the best fit) and you’re left with one!

Sound familiar?

Why would this happen?

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