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In the film Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise plays a high-powered sports agent who has so many clients that he doesn’t really care about them. I bet that you can see the recruitment angle already….

Tom Cruise - Jerry Maguire

Tom Cruise – Jerry Maguire
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Pressure is an ever-present factor in our working life. It would be easier to handle if everything were under our control, but there are so many times when we are at the mercy of events. The future in such a situation is rarely clear and you have two basic choices: Worrying about the outcome, or caring about the outcome. There is a big difference between the two.

woman with a box loose job

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IT Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies help people to look for something permanent as they transition from one location to another or shift job priorities. They also assist job seekers a long term employment by introducing them to companies that can only be entered via recruiting firms.

There are numerous advantages of using recruiting agencies to source employment. This is the reason why companies hire recruitment agencies to get a more established advantage. The most satisfactory advantage that you may get from recruiting agency is that you are exposed to a huge network of contacts, extensive database, and recruitment monitoring software.

The first benefit of using a recruiting company is that the rate of hiring is considerably fast. This is because the experts in recruiting firms have the capability to hire numerous people in a short span of time. They have technical expertise, knowledge, flexibility, and resources that can help expedite the hiring process.

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We all know circumstances can change when searching for a job. As a result, it’s quite common for job hunters to be invited for an interview, but realising that they no longer want the job for various reasons. If you want to decline an interview but are not sure how to do it humbly, here’s some advice that will keep your professional reputation firmly intact.

woman holding a phone

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Our brains are pretty special things.

They hold a lifetime of memories, process thousands of subconscious commands every minute and help us navigate the optimal path through our days. From the moment we are born, to the moment we leave this world, they offer us a capacity for learning that sets us apart from every other species on this planet.

Human Brain blue lights

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IT Recruitment Agency

Recruiting is an art. You’re acting as a PR, screening candidates, filtering resumes and yes, of course scheduling interviews. It’s no wonder that recruitment has become a complex job nowadays. With the introduction of the new technology though it has become quite easy to find a right candidate for a specific job profile, but a single mistake may lose a task out of hand.

Still, it is important to avoid the minor mistakes that can actually create major pitfalls for one’s company. Hence, here are some main errors that a recruiter can take care of while looking for candidates.

Judging candidates on the basis of their resumes

We are all aware of the fact that a resume cannot give a proper insight of a person’s talents and skills. So, while lining up the candidates for a job, every recruiter should personally talk to them to assess their key abilities for…

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On many occasions I have been asked to provide teams of employees of various levels in order to facilitate the opening of a new site, on one of these occasions our client was building a new paper and packaging machine based in the North West. We were asked to provide all of the level 1 and level 2 operators along with the engineering teams for the facility.

man planning

The added complication was that all the level 1, level 2 and the engineering teams then had to fly out to Spain to carry out 12 months of training.

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